Birdphoto/Lintukuva references


Below is listed some examples of, how our photos and sound files are used

An article in a Kamera-magazine 12/2006 about photographing trip in Hungary
Portfolio of Jari's Great-grey Owl images in BBC wildlife magazine!
Monthly Highlights January, March and June 2006 in BBC Wildlife Magazine
Covers, plus lot of pictures inside Bird Watching magazine
Many articles and pictures in Alula Magazine, for example an article "Birds in Action" and "Winter photography in Finland"
A small pocket guide of 200 species of Birds in Finland. Many pictures delivered in other books published by Tammi.
A CD with pictures and voices of 100 species of Birds in Finland for schools. Many pictures delivered in books published by Otava.
Voice collections of Eastern Vagrants, Goa & South India and Finland
39 pictures in a book Türkiye Kuslari - Birds of Turkey

Links to web sites of references